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  1. What do you hope to do?

    It’s the beginning of my new life at Navstar and I am asked, “What do you hope to do?”

    A simple question but it completely floors me. I’m so used to the opposite and its stifling restrictions and requirements. I just can’t fathom the answer.… Read the rest

  2. Announcement: “Wiki” Steve Mandzik to Our Enterprise 2.0 Team

    Steve Mandzik

    Steve Mandzik

    We are pleased to announce our newest member of the Enterprise 2.0 team at Navstar. Steve Mandzik officially joined the Navstar team on Monday, October 12, 2009. We are looking forward to his ideas and practice of Green IT as well as his experience as a community manager in the public and Federal Government spaces.

    Read the rest
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