Our data experts lead Big Data and Cloud initiatives by developing data strategies that enable our Intelligence Community clients to manage the full data lifecycle, from collection and ingest through analysis and reporting. We help implement the appropriate controls within the data lifecycle to lay the foundation for a robust data environment.

We can implement a wide range of solutions to manage Big Data — from data migration and consolidation, Business Process Re-engineering, ETL development, and development of portal environments — to ensure analysts can access the right data at the right time where they need it. Our team of experts have created highly-optimized loading and ETL processes leveraging best of breed technology as well as custom applications as needed to ensure the fastest possible performance during conversion. We are known for developing a variety of documentation and metrics for improving system performance and we have proven approaches for meeting the Intelligence Community’s most mission critical needs.


Our systems engineering experts apply modern agile methodology approaches to the design and development of sensitive and high-risk systems while ensuring that mission needs are appropriately addressed at all times. We accomplish this by tailoring formal processes to meet the real-time requirements of our federal government clients producing on-time delivery every time.

Systems Integration – Our seasoned team has widespread experience in preparing and managing detailed system development and operations schedules in the Intelligence Community. We advise clients how to utilize their resources to optimum advantage, from logistics operations to the deployment of operational systems. We migrate systems from the development environment to the field, ensuring their certification and accreditation. And, we can lead projects ranging from requirements identification to operations and maintenance.

Systems Engineering – Our professionals tailor traditional systems engineering practices to meet dynamic and challenging client needs. Our success rests in our flexibility  –  from  requirements elicitation and management, to systems analysis and design programs, to  engineering management engagements.

Network Management Services & Support – Our network engineers have designed and developed a myriad of network infrastructure projects for our Intelligence Community customers, from small to large-scale deployments. By working closely with multiple vendors offering cutting-edge technology, we have leading edge knowledge as soon as new products enter the market. We are skilled in all major network monitoring and management tools with hands-on skills to tie disparate tools together to deliver a unified view of the infrastructure. Our Network Management and Monitoring and Capacity Planning Services are key contributors to our clients’ Network Support requirements. Our Network Support personnel function in a 24 x 7 environment that requires quick-turnaround response to world-wide network issues.

Software Development

Our software development experts deliver secure, mission critical systems for the Intelligence Community at the enterprise level that enable a truly high performance workforce.  We do this through leveraging best of breed technologies and integrating these new capabilities into existing IT environments.

We utilize the latest cloud technologies including Hadoop, HBase, MapReduce and MongoDB to provide efficient processing and user-based, secure access privileges to large data sets (“Big Data”) such that individuals gain access permission to appropriately classified material.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) development approach allows browser-based access to data and resources on the cloud in a RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) manner. We scale applications to meet individual client needs.

We possess knowledge of distributed file systems, such as the Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS), and how they interact with distributed databases such as HBase. Utilizing these technologies, we can process data using MapReduce and share data through secure web applications. Such applications can be deployed anywhere, independent of the underlying IT infrastructure.


Our Cybersecurity and Information Assurance experts identify and deliver mission-critical insight into advanced persistent threats (APT’s), vulnerabilities, and countermeasures for the assessment of security posture for enterprise, mission and cloud-based environments within the Intelligence Community and Federal sectors.

Our IA professionals posses the knowledge and skills to create a holistic bridge between engineering and cyber security tactics. We utilize industry and white-hat best practices to provide a cadre of service offerings and methodologies for securing various cyber threat landscapes, where Navstar rapidly provisions, assesses, and manages IT infrastructure environments. Our highly skilled and cleared personnel assist risk managers with authorization and accreditation of critical infrastructures in the protection of our national security related IT assets.


Navstar funds and operates its own IR&D pipeline and laboratory, seeking evolutionary, revolutionary and disruptive solutions to known customer challenges. We started our IR&D program in 2013, and began conducting basic research on our first internally devised solution in early 2014. Navstar employs our staff, as well as contracted personnel, up to the Phd level, to conduct research and operational testing of our IR&D projects. In the coming years we hope to build a credible repository of Intellectual Property (IP) and solve critical national security challenges.